Fabric Production Planning, Costing, CRM, Barcode Solutions

APPSiS is capable of automatically planning, scheduling and optimizing the complex fabric operations in minutes.

We are not industry specific. We are more focused on fabric business specific.

  • Beam Based Planning
  • Shade Based Planning
  • Lot Based Planning


FABCiS has been designed specifically to meet the cost analysis needs of Grey, Dyed Yarn & Piece Dyed Fabric companies.

It is novel & innovative fabric costing that takes a effortless, holistic approach.

  • Activity Based Costing
  • Traditional Cost Accounting
  • 30 years research in fabric


TexCRM delivers top-notch CRM tools to help every grey, dyed yarn or piece dyed fabric manufacturer succeed.

Intelligent & Effective CRM strategies and software are keys for customer relations.

  • Sales Management
  • Contact Management
  • Fabric Analytics


SmartTrack is a complete, configurable, barcode based fabric control system for complete fabric life cycle management.

Yarn Control eliminates inventory tracking errors and reduce inventory write-offs.

  • Grey Yarn Tracking
  • Dyed Yarn Tracking
  • Fabric Tracking

We make Fabric Planning, Costing, CRM & Tracking Solutions better

TellarSoft has a singular mission: help textile companies succeed.

Our Products (APPSiS, FABCiS, TexCRM, and SmartTrack) is an ideal fit for

  • Grey Yarn Fabric Manufacturing

  • Dyed Yarn Fabric Manufacturing

  • Piece Dyed Fabric Manufacturing

A few of our Fabric manufacturing clients who have suceeded from our Intelligent Software

Precot Merdian Limited, Coimbatore, India

Consolidated Fabrics Limited, Mauritius